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  • Rafael Vitarelli

Optimizing Modeling in Civil Engineering with a Cutting-edge Plugin

In an ongoing commitment to excellence in our multidisciplinary industrial engineering projects, especially in the areas of mining and steelmaking, we are excited to share an exciting improvement to our modeling process, focused on the Civil Concrete discipline. Our company is committed to applying cutting-edge technologies to drive digital engineering and enhance the optimization of industrial assets across the entire lifecycle.

The Solution that Transformed Our Modeling

We recently took a big step towards efficiency and quality with the acquisition of an advanced plugin. This plugin was meticulously chosen to optimize the creation, editing and detailing of reinforcement in our models, as well as simplifying the numbering and insertion of tags in our documents.

A key feature is the seamless integration of annotation information directly into the model, ensuring cohesion between design and documentation.

Identifying Our Needs

The process of adopting this plugin began with a thorough analysis of the difficulties encountered in our Civil Concrete projects. We carry out a comprehensive survey to identify opportunities for improvement and improvement.

Choosing the Right Solution

Based on our diagnosis, we undertook a market search for suitable solutions. This process led us to choose this plugin, carefully integrated with our native modeling software, Revit.

Comprehensive Support for Our Team

To ensure our designers took full advantage of this resource, we developed comprehensive support materials, including explanatory videos and instructional documents. This considerably simplified the implementation and use of the plugin.

Tangible Results

The results of this implementation have been remarkable. We have witnessed a significant increase in the productivity of our projects, a marked simplification in the detailing process, greater ease in reviewing documents and, most importantly, a substantial leap in the quality of the information present in our final documents.

Looking to the future

Our future plans include the continuous integration of these functionalities into our native tool, taking advantage of continuous updates. Additionally, we will continue to improve and expand our documentation, incorporating lessons learned throughout the process and updates to the Civil Concrete discipline.

Commitment to Excellence

We are excited about the progress so far and look forward to continuing to improve our approach to Civil Concrete. This is just one of many initiatives we are taking to ensure our projects maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Count on us to provide cutting-edge industrial engineering solutions that drive the success of your project and operation.


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