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We are Blossom

Blossom Consult, born in 2016 in Brazil and headquartered in Belo Horizonte/MG, deploys its expertise in a diversified portfolio of services. This offer ranges from the management of industrial enterprises to technical consulting in engineering and industrial business, covering different branches of industry.


Blossom Consult weaves its journey with innovation and technology, building a horizon of efficiency and success.

Digital Construction

Digital Construction on a Common Data Environment (CDE) brings:

• Optimization of process performance during the engineering, construction and operation cycles;
• Information security, integrity and traceability throughout the project lifecycle;
• Collaboration, centralized information and accessible to everyone interacting in the project;
• Innovation, Structured Dataset for interactions with machine learning concepts

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We firmly believe in the ability of planning, discipline and organization to direct us towards the goals we set. We are dedicated, efficient and focused, aiming to achieve the agreed goals and seeking to achieve sustainable success for all stakeholders, contributing to bilateral growth and strengthening relationships.

Digital Twins

Data digitization and integration are a critical foundation for deploying cutting-edge engineering capabilities. Without these efforts in place, getting the full value from an organization’s data can be a challenge.

Digital twins enable cross-border data exchange. They are more than pure data and consist of models of the object or process represented and may also contain simulations, algorithms, and services that describe, influence, or provide services about the properties or behavior of the object or process represented.

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Blossom Tech

As Consulting Engineering, we are a reference in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Transformation solutions from Design to Asset Management. We provide Multidisciplinary Engineering, Supply Chain, Project Implementation and Asset Performance Management .

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At Blossom Consulting, our essence is shaped by the power of people. We are firmly committed to fostering a safe environment where proactive measures are taken to prevent accidents and promote general well-being.

Safety and Sustainability

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