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  • Ricardo Napoleão

Automation of Metallic Structure Drawings

More Efficiency, Quality and Innovation

In the incessant search for optimization and quality in our engineering projects, the Digital Engineering team joined forces with the designers and experts at Blossom Consult to significantly improve our drawing extraction process for metallic structures.

Improving the Executive Project

In the executive project, we focused our efforts on improving symbologies, the list of materials and document extraction. The goal was to create a more efficient workflow, ensuring drawings met the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Detailed Design Improvements

In detailed design, we continue to improve, with a special focus on manufacturing detail and assembly diagram. Our goal was to simplify processes, reduce the need for manual actions and increase the accuracy of information.

Overcoming Technological Challenges

We faced technological challenges, including migrating Tekla software to Autodesk Advance Steel. This transition required careful adaptation and integration of new tools to streamline our workflows.

Notable Results

The results of this joint effort are impressive. We saw a significant increase in productivity, a notable improvement in the quality of final products and, most notably, an 18.5% reduction in HH/A1 compared to previous processes. This reflects our commitment to efficiency and excellence.

Continuing to Evolve

Our search for improvement and innovation does not stop here. In the coming months, we plan to continue improving our workflow, implementing new processes and training our employees to offer high-quality solutions to our customers.

At Blossom Consult, our mission is to embrace innovation and apply cutting-edge technologies to raise our standards and overcome challenges. We look forward to the future and the positive impact we will bring to our projects and clients.


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