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  • Ricardo Napoleão

How the Common Data Environment (CDE) and BIM Transform Industrial Engineering Projects

Learn how the integration of CDE and BIM drives industrial engineering, from inception to customer-centric excellence.

Common Data Environment (CDE) in BIM Projects:

The Common Data Environment (CDE), in free translation Common Data Environment, represents a centralized digital platform that serves as a meeting point for all information related to a project. The CDE consolidates and organizes this information, enabling more efficient collaboration and facilitating project management throughout its life cycle.

In BIM projects, it acts as a kind of 'digital core', connecting all interested parties. This not only reduces the likelihood of errors during the process, but also allows for more efficient integration of different disciplines, resulting in more accurate and successful designs.

Powering Industrial Engineering Projects with CDE and BIM

At the forefront of innovation in industrial engineering, we adopt an integrated approach through CDE in our BIM projects. The CDE, this centralized digital environment, acts as the epicenter of our operations, playing a fundamental role in the efficiency and excellence of our projects

Proactive Customer Engagement from the Start:

A distinctive feature of our approach is active customer participation from the early stages, facilitated by the CDE. Design review meetings provide fertile ground for in-depth understanding of the client's needs and making assertive decisions.

The CDE becomes a catalyst for our engineering excellence. Working collaboratively from the start, we are shaping the future of projects by driving engineering forward in innovative, customer-centric ways.


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