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  • Raoni De Faria Jardim

Automating Cable Management

Discover the Blossom Consult Plugin

In our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence in multidisciplinary industrial engineering, with a focus on the mining and steel sectors, we enthusiastically present a solution that is transforming the way we handle crucial information in our projects. Blossom Consult has developed a powerful plugin dedicated to managing cable lists in the Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation disciplines.

The Challenge of Cable Modeling in 3D Projects

Modeling cable information in 3D designs can be a time-consuming and error-prone process when done manually. Reviewing these documents can significantly increase rework risks when information is not centralized. Blossom Consult embraced this challenge and created the "Cable List Plugin" with a focus on improving our workflow and the quality of our projects

Automating and Simplifying the Process

This plugin revolutionizes the modeling process, simplifying the insertion of essential information related to cable listing directly into the model. Furthermore, it allows the automatic generation of documents from this information, reducing the risk of errors and saving time in project delivery.

Ensuring Consistency and Compliance

The Cable List Plugin not only makes modeling more efficient, but also ensures compliance with other related documentation such as Equipment Lists and Interconnection Diagrams. It facilitates the analysis of referrals, the checking of information and, most importantly, it ensures that the model is intelligent and complete.

Added Value in All Project Phases

In addition to improving the design and construction process, the information generated through this plugin adds value in other phases of the project, such as planning, costs and maintenance (4D, 5D and 7D). After insertion, the information can be easily accessed in any model viewing application, without the need for a plugin.

At Blossom Consult, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions that drive industrial asset optimization across the entire lifecycle. This plugin is just one example of our commitment to innovation and excellence.


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