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  • Daniela Soriano


Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When I speak of Leaders, I am not referring only to those who hold a leadership position, but to those who exercise leadership. So, keep in mind that it is not necessary to have a Leader title to lead! You lead when you are able to inspire, guide, empower and when you are able to positively impact the lives of others.

Leaders care and are eternal learners! Leadership is influence, not authority!

The Leader must have courage and empathy, in addition to being able to build connections, inspire confidence, be eager for knowledge and training. Leaders are curious and have the ability to listen for the unspoken and hear the unspoken. Leadership is about compromise, compromise and understanding!

There are some traits I think great leaders should have:

Empathy, perspective (comprehensive vision) and humility to always be learning. Leaders are often preoccupied with their status or position in organizations, forgetting their real work. And a leader's real job isn't about being in charge, it's about taking care of those under her command.

I believe that most Leaders don’t understand this and, I realize that, they are not trained for this new challenge. At the beginning of our careers, our responsibility is to deliver the demands that were passed on to us. And companies provide technical training to improve our skills. In some cases, when we excel, we are given the leadership position. But nobody shows us how to lead. That's why most professionals become Managers and not Leaders. As much as the professional has a profile for leadership, I believe that it is essential that there is a transition, orientation, follow-up, so that we can really have Leaders prepared to exercise a leadership position.

It is always necessary to remember that we manage things and lead people! One of my favorite quotes is:

"if your actions inspire others to dream more, hold more, do more and become more, you can consider yourself a Leader!"


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