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Management of Industrial Ventures

Blossom's performance, by assuming project management, allows our Clients to be substantially relieved of the demanding and specialized Project Management activity, allowing them to focus primarily on their core activities.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Our focus on the development of Tailor-made engineering solutions brings special added value where there is a requirement for the employment of specialists focused on specific problems of the Client, particularly when aiming at the technical evaluation of performance followed by the design of a specific solution.

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Engineering Technical Consulting
Constructibility Analysis

Technical Engineering Consultancy specialized with a network of partners in constant evolution.

  • Assertiveness of Schedule and CAPEX.

  • Modularization.

  • Decrease in man-hours on project sites.


Blossom, always seeking maximum optimization in its clients' projects, employs the best planning and budgeting resources and tools.

Industrial Business Consulting

  • Structuring and evaluation of business plans (Project Finance, BTS, BOT and analogues)

  • Financial assessment of the company

  • Assessment of the company's governance status and coordination of implementation of governance programs / models

  • Support in M&A activities.

  • Commercial optimization of combined national and imported solutions involving equipment, materials and services, including tax engineering.

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Rheology Laboratory

Blossom has a complete Rheology Laboratory to carry out mineral slurry characterization tests (concentrate and waste) whose main objective is the in-depth understanding of the properties of the analyzed material. The rheological characterization of ore slurries is essential for complete fluid characterization.

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